At least, I really hope it is. But I’ve started a new book (one of many) and this one finally caught my attention, even though I hadn’t planned on reading it the first time I saw it on Goodreads. But I got that breathless feeling that you get when you realize that finally, finally this could be the one that makes you fall in love with reading after a short hiatus. So here’s the culprit, the one you can all be grateful to for resurrecting me from the death of TV and sleep:

     Look at the beautiful cover. So creative and unique- eyecatching, wouldn’t you agree? This is two stories- of Fiona, who was in a terrible accident as a child that left her face scarred and the girl herself reclusive, and Fi, the girl who could have been. Told in alternating voices, it’s a tribute to the “what-if”s in life, nad I’m eager to see what happens- will the stories merge? Will one girl be happier than the other? Will something terrible happen to Fi as well? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

     I mean, that’s true of most books, but here, just coming out of my slump, it’s making me all squishy with excitement inside. I can’t wait to read more than the two chapters I’ve already made it through! You all should also give it a try and tell me what you think- I don’t want to be alone in loving this book. Hopefully that love will last through the final pages.

     Tell me what books got YOU out of your reading slump!

Questions? Comments? Books you’d like me to review? Post a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!




Ach, a thousand apologies. I know this next review is a long time in coming, but due to life being suckish I am in somewhat of a reading slump. I believe I am coming out of it though, so hopefully I’ll be zooming through books and letting you know how they were in a jiffy! Menawhile, I’ll try to find a fun blog post to do soon- like the Disney song tag I did just a week or two ago! Thank you all for your patience and faithfulness

XOXO, Kayla