For my reviews, I don’t generally give a numerical or ‘starred’ response because there are so many variations on what each star could mean, or how many stars, etc. That being said, I decided to write this up so there would be a comprehensive guide to how I felt about the book if I do decide to use stars. To avoid confusion since I also post my reviews to Goodreads and Amazon, I use the same star system as Goodreads does.

One Star: I did not like the book and would not recommend it.
Two Stars: It was okay. I didn’t particularly like it, but it wasn’t terrible.
Three Stars: I liked the book. I probably wouldn’t recommend it offhand, but it entertained me.
Four Stars: I really, really liked it. I would recommend it to a a friend, especially if they asked for that genre.
Five Stars: I LOVED the book. I’ll sing its praises from the rooftops without any indication from anyone that they want a recommendation. Nothing about the book irritated me or bored me or any-negative-emotion-ed me, or it was a very minor negative feeling, and I’ll read it a hundred times. I might even BUY it.

So there’s an approximation of how my ratings work. I usually go into detail about why I rated it that way, so you shouldn’t be confused. If you are, check back here or leave me a comment so I can explain further!


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