Love Is Not A Triangle is a blog written and controlled by someone who obviously has herself together. Even though we have never met, spoken, or communicated in any way, I feel that she must a be a kindred spirit. ‘Love is not a triangle!’ is what I want to scream to every book that feels the need to bring in another love interest, especially when they already have an established relationship. She even has a Love Triangle Factor to rate how much of a triangle is in a book. I love it. It’s like someone has finally put into words what I’ve been feeling ever since I started reading bookS with romance in them.

This blog is serious, too- well-established, with a major stockpile of awesome features. Not only does she give away books, but she participates in blog tours, reviews, discussions for readers, and scales for the intensity of cliffhangers. Her reviews are informative without being spoilers, fun without lacking substance, and aren’t too short to be satisfying or too long to keep my attention. If you’d like to check out Love Is Not A Triangle, here’s a link: CLICK!

Honestly, I could spend a lot of time on this blog and its great features just to see what else is included, and I’m sure I haven’t found all of it! Although I’m new to the blogging world, I think this is a really great example of a successful blog with a lot to offer, so my hat is off to her for such a simple, yet absolutely perfect, central theme!




So this is new for me- I’m going to attempt, every Thursday, to write a post featuring another book blogger. This may be someone well-known, someone who follows me, or just someone I noticed while browsing around. These will probably be fairly short, but they’re not intended to be a long history of their lives or anything, so that should be okay. This first week, I’m featuring a blogger who noticed me first, and let me tell you, it’s a good feeling. Her name is Sydney, and she operates the blog Books and Stuff. That’s a link, by the way, and you should click it. She has some really great insights and an awesome taste in books, and you need to go follow her right now. This second. GO!

I like Sydney’s blog because she’s got a lot of variety. Giveaways, lists, challenges- it’s all there in her blog. And, of course, I relate to her well. She’s a girl who grew up with her head in a book, just like me, and I appreciate that. Most importantly (not really, but it’s up there) she’s also a lover of Finding Mr. Brightside by Jay Clark, one of my favorite books of all time. (You can find my review by clicking on this sentence.)

She’s also not afraid to express dissatisfaction with a book, something I find refreshing when I really want to know what’s up. She’ll tell you if she loves it or if she hates it, but not in the way that makes you feel like they’re just sore about not getting their preferred ending or they didn’t like the main character’s hair or something ridiculous. So I love her reviews for that. She’s also much more organized than I am, and has lots of cool categories and pages. Now go on over and check out Book and Stuff, because it’s awesome.