So, this will be another unconventional review- one for the #RockMyTBR challenge, hosted by Sarah! I’ve completed my first book (actually, it’s been about a week now) and I’m proud of that feat! The first book I decided to read was….*drumroll*


Well. I’m glad I got through it, in anticipation of Walk the Edge, which releases on March 29th of this year (I’m pretty sure). While I still plan on reading that one, I’m afraid Nowhere But Here didn’t do much for me- not as much as Take Me On, which remains my favorite of McGarry’s books. Here’s my quick review, as posted previously on Goodreads, for all you lovelies waiting to see my reaction!


Finally made it through this chunky little baby! Not sure what my thoughts are yet- definitely a little slow in places, and I can’t wait for (hopefully) more information on Chevy and Violet. Emily got on my nerves more than I usually tolerate, and there were some weird personality morphs it seemed like, but I’ll have to ponder it more.

Update (added 3 days later):

Upon reflection, what really stands out to me about this book is how sexualized it was. It seemed like every two sentences one character or the other was thinking about various physical characteristics of the other person, and not in a ‘hey, he/she is pretty’ way. A ‘I want that person naked’ way. It got tiresome quickly, and it didn’t stop. Although it was by no means insta-love, it almost seemed like they got carried away by their physical wants and then decided to be in love after the fact. I know McGarry always writes romance, but this one was definitely the most romance-dependent- which is saying a lot. For a 500 page book, I thought there would be a lot more substance, especially as it was so hyped. I was really hoping for more of a blowout with the rival motorcycle gang, etc. On another note, the language was atrocious. I know most people don’t mind, and yeah, they’re a motorcycle gang, but Oz said it himself ‘We aren’t thugs.’ Anyhow, it was seriously chock full of f-bombs, which made more of an impression than a lot of the other parts of the book.

When you get right down to it, the underlying plot was really interesting- the secrets about Emily’s past and how everyone seems to have their own agenda really was what kept me going. But the romance was pretty off to me, maybe because I didn’t really like Emily or Oz all that much. I’ll still read Walk the Edge, because McGarry usually makes me happy, but this one was more of a miss than a hit for me.


I think I would rate this one for older teens and up, although I won’t be recommending it for more reasons than one. As mentioned, there was a lot of foul language, a lot of not-so-innuendos, and all this hot and heavy hate-love-hate-love stuff that got pretty tiring after 500 pages. Maybe it’s just been too long since I read a McGarry book, but this one seemed more adult than the others. But obviously these are my opinions, and it’s all up to you.

Overall, I only give this one 2 stars. It wasn’t a strong start to the series for me, but my loyalty to the author (as well as my intense interest in a few select characters) will keep me reading.


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#RockMyTBR is hosted by Sarah at The YA Book TravelerIt’s all about reading books that you OWN during the 2016 year and making a dent in that TBR!


I definitely found more than I expected, especially e-books! If anyone wants to buddy read one of the ones on the list, shout out either in a comment on the post or on my twitter, @rosieposiekayla! I’d love to have a buddy to motivate me to keep going.

NOW THAT I’VE RAMBLED, HERE’S THE ACTUAL LIST (Alphabetical and not yet complete!)


Dead Wake- Eric Larson (Hardcover, nonfiction)
The Help- Kathryn Stockett (Paperback, Adult fiction)
Into the Dangerous World- Julie Chibbaro (Paperback, already released ARC)
Legacy of Kings- Eleanor Herman (Paperback, released ARC)
Light of Day- Alison Van Diepen (Paperback, released ARC)
Murder on Murray Hill- Victoria Thompson (Paperback)
Secret Society- Dolby (Hardcover)
Silver in the Blood- Jessica Day George (Paperback, released ARC)
The Summer of Chasing Mermaids- Sarah Ockler (Hardcover)
This Raging Light- Estelle Laure (Paperback, released ARC)
The Trust- Dolby (Hardcover)


Avalon Rising -K. Rose
Cage of Deceit – J. Davis
Carnelian Legacy – Koevoet
The Corridor – Will
Down from the Mountain – Fixmer
Dream Things True- Marquardt
The Firebug of Balrog County – Oppegaard
Life, Love & Lemons -Vernon
Lumiere -Garlick
Noir – Garlick
Passenger – Bracken
Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror – Smith
These are the Moments – Bravo
Thicker Than Water – Kemmerer
This Night So Dark – Kaufman & Spooner (novella)
Time’s Edge – Walker
Timebound – Walker
True Calling – Davis

So that’s my incomplete (so far) list, with priority/book tag to come! I can’t wait to start, and you all should join!