So, I’ve been reading more lately. And I’m trying to catch up on a few reviews, and this one is the latest. Now, I was really excited for this book, especially because it came in a dry spell of releases I wanted. Once again, I found myself disappointed. This book is HUGE. Not, Game of Thrones huge, but for a YA novel, it was a monster. Therefore, I expected even more.


First of all, there were immediately way too many characters and way too much filler. I understand that you’ll have that sometimes with a large family scene, but Jane Austen’s Elizabeth had four sisters, and it never felt flat or boring to read scenes where they all conversed. There was too much information and backstory being poured into that first few pages/chapters, and even when I got to the Fives race, my attention waned. And the characters didn’t spark anything in me- they were all irritating, and I didn’t feel like they would get any better. I didn’t get through the Fives race- and that was why I stopped. When I couldn’t even get through the event the book seemed to be named for, or the preliminary trials for it (I really don’t remember) I decided that I had better things to read. I’d give it 1.5 stars, maybe two because it may have gotten better and the world-building had some solid elements, but I didn’t stick around to find out more.


One comment

  1. Alicia · October 10, 2015

    Court of Fives wasn’t what I hoped for either 😦
    I hope you get some good sleep really soon!!


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