I told you in my Vengeance Road release post that later today you would be notified of a HUGE opportunity, and now is that time! The amazingly cool Susan Dennard has put together an awesome contest to showcase Vengeance Road in the wild. It’s called the VENGEANCE ROAD ROUNDUP!

This is a US only giveaway, and the link to the original post and rules can be reached through clicking the logo (right above!) or by clicking the link highlighted here. 

I’m so excited to see everyone’s pictures of Vengeance Road anywhere they can be found, and I’ll be sharing my own on my twitter (@rosieposiekayla). You can find all the pictures by searching #VRRoundup on any social media site! Can’t wait to see everyone’s creative pics! The winner will be chosen randomly, so if you don’t think you’re creative, that’s okay! We just want everyone to be aware of the Vengeance Road sightings and to be excited to see it out and about!


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