(Just to be clear, baby book review means I didn’t finish the book, or I just skimmed some of the chapters, so even though it may be as long as a regular book review, it’s a baby in the sense that I don’t necessarily have every detail)

“You’re already in trouble.”

SUMMARY: (goodreads)

“Of course I didn’t like Digby when I first met him. No one does.

The first time Philip Digby shows up on Zoe Webster’s doorstep, he’s rude and he treats her like a book he’s already read and knows the ending to.

But before she knows it, Zoe’s allowed Digby—annoying, brilliant, and somehow…attractive? Digby—to drag her into a series of hilarious, dangerous, and only vaguely legal schemes all related to the kidnapping of a local teenage girl. A kidnapping that might be connected to the tragic disappearance of his little sister eight years ago. When it comes to Digby, Zoe just can’t say no.

But is Digby a hero? *Or is his manic quest an indication of a desperate attempt to repair his broken family and exorcize his own obsessive-compulsive tendencies? And does she really care anyway?


You see that second-to-last question in the summary? Right up there? The one that begins with a * is the one I’m talking about.

Well, that’s the correct answer. I mean, I’m so confused by this book. I really, really don’t know what was going on, and I only closed it earlier today. Maybe in a few days, I’ll be able to function and actually figure out what was happening and what was supposed to happen. But until then, here’s what I thought of it.

PLOT: Okay, that part wasn’t…terrible, I guess. I’m pretty disappointed that it could hold my attention, but I realized that I didn’t care who the bad guy was, I didn’t care what happened to any of them, even when I was supposed to be so concerned for their safety. And I really, really didn’t know what was going on. That may be saying something about my intelligence level, but WHAT THE HECK WAS EVEN HAPPENING? (Note: I find myself finding it very difficult not to end all of these sentences with question marks, because I don’t even know how to write this review) So the plot was okay, very engaging at first, but then kind of repetitive with a few snarky scenes or funny conversations thrown in.

CHARACTERS: Oh, oh, oh. Let me calm down before I say something too bad.

Digby was weird and okay.

Zoe was an amorphous blob of average.

Henry was utterly irritating, as well as all his groupies of the indecent “easy” cheerleader variety.

Possibly the most interesting person was the crazy cult leader across the street. I don’t really know what her deal was, but that kept my attention for half the book.

So, I’m also really tired of crazy, manic, disrespectful, blatantly rude or creepy characters being passed off as ‘well, they’re unique.’ Digby is like that- he never acts like a normal person, and I guess that could be attributed to his sister’s disappearance and family falling apart, but be honest: If some guy and his friend that you just met showed up in your room in the dead of night while you were sleeping, would you be cool with that? I wouldn’t be! I would freak out! I would punch that guy in the face and make a break for it! But Zoe? She lets them rifle around her dresser and her belongings, because ‘That’s just Digby.’

That’s ridiculous.

Zoe was a doormat, obviously, peer pressured into doing everything she didn’t want to, and that’s all I’m going to say about her because she was such a blank slate.

Henry was the reason I put the book down. Maybe not so much Henry, but the scenes surrounding him. Strike one was the mean girl sending him a picture of her boobs in the middle of a restaurant. Strike two was the way he acted around Digby and Zoe- always looking over his shoulder, because the hot blonde girl told him to stop hanging out with them. Strike three was football practice, where a cheerleader yells, “Hey, QB, why don’t you come over here and sack me?”



Dump. *(Sorry about this expression. It’s a relic from my sophomore year of high school and it really is the only thing that seemed appropriate)

As a football fan (a real football fan) I cannot stand for this. I didn’t think it was funny. I didn’t think it was cute. It was an affront to humanity and sports and all things good writing should be. In the middle of a kidnapping mystery, that line, that scene, was where I put the book down for good. Maybe you think I’m overreacting. Maybe you think it wasn’t that bad a line. Maybe you thought it was funny. I’m just saying right here that I didn’t. From a book already on the edge of a DNF, it was the final straw.

WHAT TO WATCH: It’s just the normal teenage drama- some inappropriate pictures were taken, some sleazy cheerleaders, some fun stalkerish tendencies and vandalism, but nothing graphic and nothing I would say a teenager couldn’t handle. 13+

So, anyway, the bottom line is this: the plot was okay, and the characters were bland/crazy/both, and I wouldn’t recommend this book, but that’s just my personal opinion. I’ll give it 1.5 stars. It wasn’t really okay, but I didn’t like it, not for the fault of the writing, but because of the lackluster content.

Questions? Comments? Books you’d like me to review? Post a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!


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