My summer, especially the past two months, has been so, so crazy! I barely have time to read, and to top it off, I haven’t had a book in my hands that I’ve really wanted to read. The closest I came was The Princess Bride, and that one even trailed off into a skim of the ending and my ultimate boredom.

So disappointing.

One of the books I was most excited about, The Scorpion Rules turned out to be a total dud to me (as you can read in the baby review) so I only did a short review because I didn’t even finish it. Nothing that I’ve picked up has been appealing to me- I think it might be because I have a pre-hangover about Illuminae.

Wow. If that book falls flat for me, I’m going to have a serious, major problem. I’m already counting on it and Their Fractured Light to be my favorite books of the year. I’m really banking on this sci-fi to be really cool and rejuvenate me for reading. Can you tell it’s my favorite genre?

Anyway, I’m at work right now (aka, the library) and I’m trying to motivate myself to work on the blog that I contribute to here. I’m not very motivated to do anything, really- this place has about 4 people in it, and they’re all on the computers. I have Court of Fives on the way here, but I’ve heard it isn’t great. I also have  Reawakened on deck for when I finish Trouble is a Friend of Mine.

Let’s talk about Trouble. I started it Monday night, and I’ll be honest- it caught my attention pretty quickly. I read about 100 pages before I realized it, and then I got excited. But slowly, the more I read, the more confused I get, and holy smokes, I’m so over a couple of the characters. I understand the desire to round everyone out, but there’s no rounding happening. It’s just a hot secondary character who’s dating but not dating the meanest, sluttiest girl in school, but somehow he’s friends with the outcasts and does stuff with them? And the book is not moving quickly, at ALL. I don’t want to put it down prematurely, but I’m on a DNFing roll lately, and I just don’t have time to waste on books I don’t enjoy.

Someone tell me what I should read to knock me out of this slump! I’m dying here!

Anyway, this has been a Thursday ramble about what’s going on, so you don’t think I’ve died between now and whenever my next post is (next Wednesday at the latest!)

What’s going on with you? Are you in a reading slump or a roll? Have you read any of the books I mentioned today? Leave a comment!


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