Meet the Cast of Vengeance Road  { 2 of 5 }Introducing Jesse and Will ColtonAlways looking to earn an extra dollar, these cowboys work odd jobs across the Territory. Cheerful and good-humored, Will is the perfect contrast to his older brother’s stern demeanor. But with their savings dwindling and loved ones to take care of, Jesse has reason to run a tight ship. Once the boys cross paths with Kate and learn that her destination may yield gold, they become–much to Kate’s displeasure–her permanent shadow. Fun Fact: Before drafting Vengeance Road, I read an entire book dedicated to cowboy culture. Even though the Coltons do little wrangling and roping on the actual page, this research allowed me to better understand their typical day-to-day life and weave subtle details into Kate’s story. Photo credits from left to right, top to bottom: still from Love’s Enduring Promise (2004) / still from Lonesome Dove (1989) / still from American Outlaws (2001) / Howard Folsom / AZ Chaps / Porsteinn Ingibergsson / Richard Prince / still from The Quick and the Dead (1995)You can also check out my pinterest board for more of my visual inspiration -»Meet the Cast of Vengeance Road  { 4 of 5 }Introducing LiluyeSeparated from her tribe, this young Apache girl is anxious to reunite with her family. Knowing all too well how dangerous it is to be traveling alone, Liluye agrees to help Kate navigate the Superstition Mountains. But Liluye has her own end goals and her agreement with Kate could unravel at any moment.Fun Fact: In Vengeance Road, characters constantly use each other as a means to an end. This is true regarding Liluye and Kate, but their dynamic changes over the course of the novel in a way that was so much fun (and extremely rewarding) to write. Yes, I’m being vague, but the pay-off is in the pages, and I don’t want to spoil that for you.Photo credits from left to right, top to bottom: via Boston Public Library / Chad Wagner / Sherri Cavalier / Sasha Darling / viaYou can also check out my pinterest board for my visual inspiration -»Meet the Cast of Vengeance Road  { 5 of 5 }Introducing Jacob WaltzA German immigrant and seasoned prospector, Waltz is trying his luck in the mountains east of Phoenix. The Coltons claim Waltz is an old friend of their father’s and could be of help, but the miner is getting on in age and mumbling about ghosts in the canyons. As far as Kate’s concerned, his tales can’t hold water…right?Fun Fact: Vengeance Road is inspired by the legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, in which Jacob Waltz is a key player. He is one of several historical figures that I included in the novel. What creative liberties did I take and how will Waltz fit into Kate’s story? My lips are sealed… for now. ;)Photo credits from left to right, top to bottom: Michael Petrizzo / me! / via / Caleb Kuhl / still from The Golden Compass (2007) / Jeff VanugaYou can also check out my pinterest board for my visual inspiration -»


The days are passing quickly, sun rising, sun setting. Are you ready for Vengeance Road?

I knew you would think so. Well, you’re not ready until you’ve checked out each and every character reveal that has been posted, and you won’t be ready if you don’t keep up! So here they are from my blog (and each post has a link to the source).

Meet Kate Thompson
Meet Jesse and Will Colton
Meet the Rose Riders
Meet Liluye
Meet Jacob Waltz

Stay tuned, because next week we’ve got a special treat on the way- an opportunity to strike gold when it comes to Vengeance Road! Or, if you’d like to know now, follow me on Twitter by clicking that link. I’ll be periodically posting links, promos, and prizes that Erin is providing because she’s such a cool person!




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