This is Tiffany Schmidt, everyone. The author of three sterling novels- Bright Before Sunrise, Send Me a Sign, and Hold Me Like A Breath- Tiffany has been on the writing radar since 2012, but she’s only been on my radar since early this year, when I noticed Hold Me on a recommended page. And then, suddenly, I was obsessed! The gorgeous cover, the thrilling plot- I got excited just thinking about it! May 19th, the release, seemed so far away. Then I was so graciously bestowed an ARC from the publisher, and believe me, everyone, it’s fantastic. I didn’t want to write my full review until I got my hands on the finished copy (it’s on my shelf at home and in my plans for a road trip this weekend, don’t worry), but I know it must be stellar if the ARC was that good.

I love the concept of her newest series- a crime family that specializes in organs? What? YES, please! For some reason I have an odd fascination with such things, but it’s hard to find a book that doesn’t fall flat with descriptions or character development or some other aspect that’s obviously really important. But Tiffany does a really great job making the characters stand out and each feel as if they have something new and different to offer- it’s really a cool thing to see how an author can just make a world come alive, and Tiffany Schmidt does a great job with that.

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This post, and all normally scheduled posts this week, are going to be a little bit on the short side, because every evening I’ll be promoting Vengeance Road and Erin Bowman‘s release of FIVE CHARACTER BIOS! YAY! Your first glimpse into the world of Vengeance Road will come later tonight with the main character, Kate Thompson, and believe me, you’re going to love her. So stay tuned and don’t forget to check my Twitter (@rosieposiekayla) for updates and fun things!

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