TUESDAY 10: Book Boys!


In case you haven’t heard, Tuesday is Top Ten day here on Get A Bookmark! So this week, I’m counting down my top book crushes- at least the ones I can think of at the moment!

10. Nine~ Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore

Nine is the ultimate warrior. Buff, tough, and gorgeous, he’s not one to shy away from a fight, and his looks really are unearthly. I love Nine because he doesn’t beat around the bush- and living at the top of a skyscraper isn’t too shabby, either. He’s got everything you think you want, and that’s why he made the list. (But ironically, he isn’t number nine).

9. Finn~ Something Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Persistence is the name of the game. Finn never gave up on Hannah in his cheerful, easy way, and he’s the lightness you need on a gloomy day, the flashing smile that immediately brightens your mood. He’s not pushy, but he’s there when you need him, and that’s why Finn is number nine.

8. Jase Garrett~ My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Swoon. Jase is the total package- gorgeous, fun, relaxed, and a total gentleman. He’s laid-back and sweet, but can be direct when he needs to be. Jase is literally the boy next door- and he lives up to the hype. Everyone loves him, including me, and he’s done everything to deserve that.

7. Saf~ Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore

Saf is cool. Not Jase Garrett cool, but ‘I live in an alternate world and I’m the King of the Theives,’ cool. He’s dangerously mysterious and you never know quite what he’s up to, but you know it’s not good and you know it’s going to get him in trouble- that is, if he gets caught. Which is rare. But he does give evidence, every so often, of an amazing self-sacrificing spirit that makes him throw himself into harm’s way to save those he loves- and that circle is hard to break into. Saf is a heartbreaker for sure, but the one heart he takes care of is Bitterblue’s, and that makes him amazing.

6. Fang~ The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

As the original of my daydream book boyfriends, Fang obviously deserves a spot here in my list. He’s the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, and you never know what he’s thinking. He fights hard and loves harder, and that’s just about all you can ask for from a man, right? He’s not higher on the list because as of right now, he’s too young for me, but when I was sixteen he was my total dream guy. So here’s to Fang, for rocking the world.

5. Arin~ The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

Oh, Arin. So many misunderstandings and so many problems, and still, he stays true. Even when he believes Kestrel to love someone else, he still does not compromise. He’s as loyal as you could ask for, and he’s a handsome, intelligent guy as well- the strong and silent type, if you will, patiently waiting for his chance. Once his feelings are recognized, he wages war to have them returned, and if that doesn’t make him worthy of love, I don’t know what does. He’s certainly got mine.

4. René Hasard~ Rook by Sharon E. Cameron

Oh, he’s only everything a (future) historical rich boy should be. Arrogant, funny, disdainful, and not at all what he seems, René is a mystery worth unraveling. He knows what he’s about, and he’s fiercely proud- he will die to defend what he loves. He doesn’t give up, doesn’t let the impossible keep him from trying, and loves with everything he has in his body. The best part? He has RED HAIR. There are so few heroes that have those luscious russet locks, but this Parisian aristocrat has it- and he works it. One flash of his smile and every girl in the room is lost, and he’s got the substance to keep you in love forever.

3. Wolf~ Scarlet/Cress (The Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

Everyone loves a misunderstood, beautiful boy with no control. You never quite know what you’re going to get with Wolf- he could be a snarling monster, an agile fighter, or an insecure boy with green eyes and a dangerous smile. He’s a contradiction in itself- bred to be a killing machine, but more interested in Scarlet, the girl who sees him for what he really is. He’s as helpful as can be and cute to boot, so why not give him a chance? He comes in at my top three because he has to fight to be worthy of love, and fight he does. And also because I’m dying to see how he saves Scarlet this fall.

2. Fear~ Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton

Fear is number two simply because he’s so different than any other character. He’s not a person- he’s an emotion personified, living in a dimension only one human can see. He’s not perfect and doesn’t try to be, and he’s more honest than almost anyone can claim to be. That honesty makes him a winner, to me, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s tall and blonde and gorgeous (but almost all guys in books are, right?).

Number One comes from this book

1. Khalid~ The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Here it is. He’s the precious tortured soul who seems like the villain, but you just can’t resist, even if he is guilty. Khalid is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, a quiet darkness that you can’t help but reach into. Not only is he mysterious- he should be all hatefulness and bitterness, but you can catch glimpses of light underneath- but he’s a skilled swordsman and fighter, a king, and has a tiger-like handsomeness that takes your breath away. He is repeatedly referred to as having “tiger eyes” of amber, calculating adn cold, but then he warms up for fleeting moments of breathtaking poetry. It’s Ahdieh’s poetry, of course, but when you’re reading, you lose yourself in the beautiful, exotic language and the sweeping descriptions. So Khalid is number one, because his character is the most painfully, wonderfully beautiful of all.

Who are your favorite fictional crushes? I’d love to know, so post a comment!

Questions? Comments? Books you’d like me to review? Post a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!


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