It’s Waiting On Wednesday once again, my friends! And this week is featuring a book very close to my heart. I’ve followed this series from the time I was ten years old, and when I discovered this series, I pre-ordered every book and read the entire thing the day it arrived. Three years ago, I thought I had read the last book in the series. And yet, in just two weeks, the ninth and final book will show up at my doorstep for me to devour. Here it is:

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of me squealing like a tween upon meeting Justin Bieber. I can’t emphasize accurately how much I adored these books, how devastated I was with the conclusion of the series, and how elated I am now to anticipate this newest (and final?) book in the Maximum Ride saga. I haven’t even read the summary on goodreads- I don’t want to spoil ANYTHING before I crack open the cover on this beauty. I can tell you that it will be released on May 18th, and It will also be sent to my house on that day, but that’s all. And I don’t even care- I’m going to read it and love it and It. Will. Be. Awesome. You can tell that I loved it from my review of Magonia, where I commented on how much I wanted that to be my life. Tween probs should be my hashtag, and I apologize for how lame I sound in this post.

So check it out, see if you like it, and if you loved Maximum Ride too, let me know! I’d love to chat!

Questions? Comments? Books you’d like me to review? Post a comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!



  1. Summer @ Xingsings · May 24, 2015

    I started reading this series in my preteens as well and really enjoyed them when I read them. I was able to get an arc of Maximum Ride Forever and finally finished reading it yesterday. And, oh man, the feels. Has your copy arrived yet?


    • kayrosela · May 28, 2015

      I did get it, but I just can’t get through more than a few pages at a time. I had too much emotional trauma and fear of an unhappy ending.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Summer @ Xingsings · May 29, 2015

        Haha, that makes total sense. Good thing James Patterson likes to make his chapters short. It helps readers maintain composure and catch their breath, hehe. XD


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